Cotton Bandanas

What is the Difference between Polyester and Cotton Bandanas?

Polyester and cotton bandanas are identical in form and function, the only difference really being the fabric. Cotton is a natural fiber, it is soft and strong and with a low price, making it a good choice for clothing of all sizes and shapes. You’ll find 100 % cotton in socks, work pants, and dress shirts. And of course bandanas, the do-it-all square of cloth, as well. 

Polyester is a miracle microfiber product used for everything from tires to lingerie. Quick drying, strong as iron, and soft as silk, it’s perfect for items that need to do so many different jobs. Polyester can be dyed all the colors of the rainbow, and many hues that were only imagined in the past. Neon, for example. The eye-catching yellow of police and fire rescue vests is also available in polyester bandanas. Polyester colors won’t come out in the wash, or fade in the sun, making the miracle fiber perfect for a bandana that begs to be seen.

Either worn on the head as a fashion statement, or flown from a stick as a flag, polyester and cotton bandanas allow you to stand out in a crowd. You can’t go wrong choosing polyester and cotton bandanas as a head wrap, face mask, neckerchief, or emergency sling for a sprained wrist. Worn as a sweat band, dust mask or doo rag, it’s the one must-have wardrobe item of stylish people.

Bandanas Are Big Business

Both options of polyester and cotton bandanas can be screen printed. This means your message can be easily and inexpensively spread to the world. The price per bandana is low when you order in bulk. Shipping is free when you put a 600 pack of polyester or cotton bandanas in your shopping basket.

Political candidates gain name recognition when they offer a blue or red color bandana with a contribution to their campaign. A quality, 100% cotton bandanna shouts voter’s preferences, and is a great option to a yard sign!

Non-Profits can Profit with Bandanas!

Homeless shelters, animal shelters, and disease-awareness organizations of every sort can fund their bottom line with 100% cotton content promotional items. A pink color scarf for breast cancer awareness, or the soft cotton fabric of a purple neck bandana for lupus awareness month lets people share information with others about their cause. All the world wears bright Kelly green for climate change. Any of these items can be used as a Thank-You gift for donations above a certain level.

Animal shelters can reach out to their mailing list each month with a different color bandanna as a quality gift-with-donation promotion. A polyester or cotton bandana weighs next to nothing, so shipping will cost next to nothing as well.

When you have a large email list you will begin to get customer ratings and reviews of both the promotional item, and the quality of the cotton bandanas, as well.

Use the information to refine the rating value and customer preferences of the products offered in the email message. Send two separate email offerings to test your customer’s design preferences. Use a solid color bandana in one email, and a paisley bandana in the other. The results of the product preference is a rating snapshot of the quality of each promotional offering.

The product description is just a small part of the information in the email message. The goal of your non-profit business is to raise both awareness and funds. Never sharing an email address, and offering quick customer service, means fewer clicks on the unsubscribe button!

Choose bandanas for your Big Event

Pick polyester and cotton bandanas for special events. Weddings, company picnics, and class reunions are perfect events for all to be color coordinated. Bandanas are perfect for placemats, gift wraps, and an admission pass to a Renaissance Faire or music festival.

polyester and cotton bandanas
cotton bandanas
cotton and polyester bandanas

The Festive Choice For Steppin’ Out

Wear the classic patterns of a paisley bandana when you need something more in tune with square dancing, or the Texas Two Step.

When stepping out with ones partner in the St. Patty’s Parade, sport matching Kelly green 100% cotton bandanas.

Pick a paisley design for your scout troop, and they will be the stars in your town’s Founder’s Day parade!

A Family Affair

Mom, Dad, and the kids will stand out in a crowd wearing color-coordinated paisley bandanas. Tie a neon orange or green bandana on the little ones, to keep track of them at the parade or the festival.

There are limitless ways to use our bandanas! For protection from sun, sand, rain or snow, nothing beats a big bandana. Line a picnic basket with a cotton bandana. Some people use their bandana as protection from dust, or as a bug-catcher while riding a motorcycle. How many more options can you think of?

It’s a Polyester and Cotton Bandana World

Whether made in the USA, the United Kingdom, or far-off China, a bandana is the one product that gets rave reviews all across the globe. Cotton bandanas are low in price and high in quality. That is why they are the stars of the show, from South America’s Cape Horn to Canada’s Cape Breton.

Not just a soft cotton neck scarf, a bandana can be rolled as a sweat band, or tied as a kerchief to protect from the sun. There are many more uses for bandanas, and savvy shoppers purchase different designs, and colors, in quantity, to use as low-price gifts for friends.