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Buff Neck Gaiter

A buff neck gaiter, or just a buff for short, is a seamless cylinder knit of comfy, stretchy polyester. Some may call the buff neck gaiter a “tube bandana.” Another may say it’s a buff. Whatever the name, it is sure to please you, when the cool mountain breeze chills your ears. Like a bandana, it is one of the items that can rise from warming the neck to covering the nose and mouth. Use it as a mask against dust, dirt, and germs. Let’s search for some other ways to change the look from work to play!

  • Close the buff over your head, to get protection against sun and rain. Roll it down a bit, to change it to a sweatband.
  • When the swirling winds blow hair in your face, then use the buff as a colorful scrunchie to tame those wild locks.
  • Speaking of scrunch, the buff neck gaiter can be squeezed into nothing, and is even smaller than that, when tucked in a purse or pocket. A buff neck gaiter can be pulled out quick as a flash when an unannounced emergency arrives out of nowhere.
  • When worn as a balaclava and many other shapes and styles—it covers everything but your eyes. Check out the YouTube channels for tips on how to fashion a duff into this. It allows you to not only keep warm and dry, but be the mystery man or woman when walking your dog or jogging along the road.
  • Wear the camouflage duff to avoid scarring the wildlife on nature walks in the forest. Choose the USA neck gaiter as a way to show your patriotism.

Clever Ways to wear your Tube Bandana!

Seasoned travelers, be it by plane, train, or automobile, know how hard it is to take a nap without an eye cover. Just pull your buff neck gaiter up, from Adam’s apple to forehead, and you’re instantly in a cozy dark cocoon. Now light and sound are reduced to a whisper and you can get that nap in. Passersby will know to leave you to your nap.

For hands-free communications, just roll up your duff over your upper arm, and tuck the phone in. The speakerphone comes in loud and clear through the stretchy polyester fabric, allowing you to multi-task while on the phone.

Should you slip and fall the stretchy neck gaiter can be used as an emergency sling for an injured wrist, or to wrap a sprained ankle.

Buff Neck Gaiter
Buff Neck Gaiter

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