Cotton Pet Bandanas

Why Buy Dog Bandanas?

  • Neon draws attention like nothing else. A neon dog bandana isn’t quite like waving a flag at a bull, but it does show confidence and passion.
  • All dogs like to show off a new ’do. Add a fresh bandana to draw attention to his fresh look.
  • Dog bandanas are fun because your pup like to dress up too.
  • Show a sign of your love on Valentine’s Day with a red bandana.
  • A bandana gussies up a basic collar.
  • Dog accessories are in style, and functional too. Keep track of your pup in crowded spaces or on hikes through the forest with a bright neon bandana.
  • Use a bandana to soften the sounds of clanky metal tags and collars.
  • Give Rover a quick rub-down with a bandana after a wet or dirty run to help keep your house and car clean.
  • Dog bandanas are helpful for cleaning up a messy experience.
  • If you need to wrap an injury, a bandana makes a convenient bandage. It can also protect an area Rover just won’t stop licking.
  • Bandanas also regulate temperature: they help keep pups warm when the cold wind blows. In the summer, dip one in water to cool Rover off.
  • Bandanas can be silkscreened or embroidered to advertise a business, such as for dog groomers.
  • Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Tie on a red bandana and turn ’em into Little Red Riding Hood. Or, flip the knot upward to make devil horns.
pet bandanas

Bandanas give your pet personality!

  • Looking to make new friends? Tie a bandana on Spot. They’re instant ice-breakers.
  • Dogs who wear bandanas seem more approachable, as do their humans.
  • Other pets like Sylvester the cat and Zippy the ferret also appreciate a stylish bandana. They can wear them and curl up in them.
  • Small humans enjoy dog bandanas too. They can dress up or rescue Barbie or GI Joe with one.
  • Because animals come in different sizes, so do our dog bandanas. Choose Regular (30 x 20 inches) for small and medium-size pets, and extra-large (40 x 26 inches) for Alpha Legends.
  • With over a dozen colors and patterns to choose from, you can find the exact right one to suit your pup’s personality.

Cats too?

  • Cats love to curl up in cozy spots for a nap, what better place than a soft comfy cotton bandana?
  • Line the cat basket with a bandana, and toss it in the wash once a week, to keep her favorite spot smelling fresh and clean. A quick spritz of catnip spray oil will keep you kitty happy as the cat who ate the canary.
  • It’s not just cats and dog that can wear bandanas in style. Sheep, goats, and even ponies can all be the best-dressed pet at the parade.

A Bandana for Every Breed

Our dog bandanas were designed with the comfort of your dog in mind. These bandanas are made of 100% cotton fabrics and can keep your dog looking cool all day. They’re also super durable so they last a really long while and are easy to wash. Our dog bandanas are available in a wide range of colors to match your dog’s personality. The bandanas are perfect for every size pup, including Pugs, Huskies, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, German Shepherds, and more. Available in both a regular size and an extra large size – the dog bandanas can also always be folded in half to offer a tighter fit or to fit small dogs.

We aim to supply you with high-quality low price dog bandanas to make them instantly stand out from the crowd. Watch as everyone at the dog park gawks in amazement as your little pup runs around wearing one of our dog bandanas. Your pet will be a superhero amongst other canines. Make your pup more noticeable at any event or birthday party or even on a trip to the park by choosing from our extensive selection of dog bandana colors and patterns to match any occasions. If you take birthday photos of your favorite pet it is time to add a plaid bandana to the picture.

pick out accessories and other items that add to the personality of your dog from the numerous products we have to offer. Watch as the likes and comments for your precious pup pour in with the assist from of our dog bandanas.

When placing orders for items on your list of pet products and accessories be sure to search for a style that will be the perfect gift for your dog’s birthday.

Cotton Pet Bandanas for Pets of All Sizes

Colorful pet bandanas allow your dog or cat to strut their stuff when stepping out.

A shopping trip to search for pet accessories or just some free time with a friend’s Fido demands a well-dressed pup.

You wouldn’t venture out in wrinkled clothes and uncombed hair, and neither should your four-legged companion. After a bath and a brush, they need dog bandanas to finish the look.

Our pet bandanas come in all the colors of the rainbow, and some that Mother Nature never thought of. The Neon bandanas are as bright and flashy as neon BEER and PIZZA signs. No chance for your pet getting lost in the crowd!

Camouflage dog bandanas let even the smallest size pup play K-9 commando during their walk in the woods, or search the urban jungle for items of interest.

And don’t forget the popular USA bandana. Red, white, and blue stars and stripes let German shepherds, poodles, and bulldogs all declare their patriotic love of country.

We also have neck gaiters which are not just for humans. Slip one over your dog’s head and around her neck for a splash of color, and extra warmth during chilly days. Pull it up a bit, when Jack Frost nips at those tender ears.

Square or Triangle, large or extra large, cotton or polyester, solids or prints, there is sure to be a selection of pet bandanas that meet your needs. 

Order a dozen for the family dogs, or 120 for your obedience classmates. The pack of 600 is ideal for veterinary clinics, pet boutiques, and fund raisers for your local animal shelter.

Why Cotton Pet Bandanas?

Our bandanas are produced using 100% cotton and are available in an assortment of sizes to accommodate your dog’s size as well as that of your own – they are sturdy triangle bandanas after all that can fit everyone. They were designed for your pup, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot wear a matching blue plaid bandana. Our dog bandanas are great for both dogs, pets and people, now you’ll match together with your pal and can have matching accessories for the whole family!

Summertime for your dog just changed with our dog bandanas. Watch as your dog runs free while wearing one among our beautiful dog bandanas. The other dog owners are going to be asking you where you bought your dog’s bandana.

We have many products and accessories in a style and an unbeatable price. Combine orders with friends or buy for family to ensure your order qualifies for free shipping. There’s nothing more fun than playing outside together with your dog in the warm weather, and now you’ll make the act a lot cooler with flair that comes from wearing our dog bandanas.

Another advantage for pet owners is the option to just spray some flea spray on our dog bandanas before placing them on your little buddy to keep the fleas away. Style, no fleas, safety and something to clean up little messes are all provided with each bandana in our wholesale dog bandana package! We know how hard it is to care for many animals at the same time but they are family after all, make your life easier by ordering our wholesale dog bandanas.

Why wait any longer? Get our dog bandanas today!