100% Cotton Bandanas

Cotton Bandanas are a classic staple fashion accessory! Our cotton bandanas are available in regular and XL sizes and come in a large assortment of solid plain & paisley colors. A bandana is a multipurpose product; you can wear them around your head, neck, wrist, ankle, waist or as a face cover. You can also wear it as a headband, a hat, anklet, pocket square, or tied to jeans. It can also be tied around your head or ponytail as a bow, for instance. But it also works around your neck as a necklace, chocker, bracelet, or neck scarf. Bandanas can even be used as a napkin, earmuffs, a sling, tourniquet and so much more!!

cotton bandanas

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Our bandanas are made with breathable material that is versatile and durable.

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Bulk wholesale pricing with no minimum order. Great Product + Price = Great Value

cotton dog bandanas

Cotton Dog Bandanas

Our Cotton Dog Bandanas are triangle bandanas designed to fit pets of all sizes and their owners too. Dog Bandanas make great collar covers while giving your pup noticeable style & personality. It also makes them easier to spot at the park & provides sun protection. If you own a pet-related business, or are sellers of a product for dogs, please try our many options for dogs. A cotton bandana or a selection of paisley bandanas are great items to add to cart for your shop. There’s no question 100 cotton paisley design bandanas in each size are a good promotional item when you search for new customers.

Neck Gaiters

A Neck Gaiter is a soft stretchy breathable scarf in the shape of a 100% seamless tube. Neck Gaiters are most commonly used as a face shield against outdoor elements like wind, dust, and sand. They’re popular for their ease of use especially amongst those with an active lifestyle.

Neck Gaiter

But, which color should I get?

Black Cotton Bandana White Cotton Bandana Red Cotton Bandana Yellow Cotton Bandana Royal Blue Cotton Bandana Purple Cotton Bandana Pink Cotton Bandana Orange Cotton Bandana Green Cotton Bandana Camo Cotton Bandana USA Cotton Bandana
Black Cotton Bandana White Cotton Bandana Red Cotton Bandana Yellow Cotton Bandana
Royal Blue Cotton Bandana Purple Cotton Bandana Pink Cotton Bandana Orange Cotton Bandana
Green Cotton Bandana Camo Cotton Bandana USA Cotton Bandana

Our bandanas come in every size and color of the rainbow, and then some! Wear a neon bandana to stand out from the crowd. Or tie on a camouflage bandana to blend in. The perfect choice when hunting game in the forest, or hunting for bargains at the flea market.

Show your patriotic pride with a red, white, and blue USA flag bandana. Go full retro with a paisley print, like your grandparents wore while doing housework, or feeding the chickens. 

You can order as few as a dozen bandanas, or as many as six hundred. Perfect for resale at the flea market, or fund raisers for a favorite charity. Be sure to include a link to the email address of other team members, or include links in the newsletter, so everyone has information on coming events.

You can order in quantity for other people using your account, or you can add their name and email address, and we will send information to their inbox on product description and the price of items you select. Remember express shipping is available to all residential addresses in the United States, but to the United Kingdom.

How To Wear Your Bandanas

Fold it flat for a headband, roll it tight for a neckband, or tie it like a necktie— the way the movie stars do! Tuck it in your T-shirt, when you want to want to make a sly comment on the Dress for Success look. If working at home is not an option, and a coat and tie is the uniform of the day, fold up one of your colorful paisley design bandanas, and use it as a pocket square, to add a bit of splash and dash to a business suit.

Your pocket square becomes an emergency handkerchief when the stress and strife of the day becomes too much for a business associate, and the tears flow. She’ll see you in a new light when she realizes gentlemen and chivalry are not dead, after all. Our price for a cotton bandana is so low that giving them away is no sweat.

Although not made in the USA, our cotton bandanas are definitely not the poor quality products typically found at flea markets and bazaars in many parts of the united states. A cotton bandana, sewn from quality fabric, with full stitching on the edges, sends a message to the customer they can depend on a product from our site.

Our wholesale customers order our products in many categories, and designs. They say this site is the place for one-stop shopping when they need a special order of 100 cotton paisley bandanas in blue, red, or even Kelly green color for a special event. They appreciate the shipping options when they request fast delivery.

🥳 Is It Party Time? 🎉

Cotton bandanas are perfect for any occasion! From weddings under the stars to sports, concerts, festivals, and outdoor outings like camping and music festivals. You name it, we’ve got the perfect bandana for you. Make a fashion statement and get yours today! Pick out a product and add to cart for speedy shipping. Our extensive selection of bandanas makes it easy to find the perfect bandana for your business sellers, school, party or event. Order your bandanas in all kinds of fun colors and patterns and you will get rave reviews from all the stars!

We welcome questions by phone or email about a price or item or whatever else you’d like. Our people can make occasional mistakes when filling orders, so please try to take this into account when sending us an email about an error or missing items.

20 Reasons Why A Cotton Bandana is a Must Have!

  • ✔️ Because life isn’t black and white, wear a colorful cotton bandana. It goes with just about everything.
  • ✔️ A cotton bandana adds a touch of class to any casual outfit.
  • ✔️ Tie it on your head, neck or wrist and look like a rockstar.
  • ✔️ For neat-casual events, fold a cotton bandana into a pocket square for a unique and stylish look.
  • ✔️ A cotton bandana is a unisex accessory. It works for informal outfits and dress up play.
  • ✔️ A cotton bandana makes a great liner for a bike helmet.
  • ✔️ Use a cotton bandana as a gaiter on your leg to keep your pants away from a dirty bicycle chain.
  • ✔️ On a hot day, tie a cotton bandana around your forehead to keep stinging sweat out of your eyes.
  • ✔️ A cotton bandana also works as a sweatband for your wrist.
  • ✔️ Keep your cool by dipping a cotton bandana in water before tying it around your neck or head.
  • ✔️ Wear a cotton bandana around the inside brim of your hat to protect and preserve the material from sweat.
  • ✔️ Use a cotton bandana to wipe dirt and dust off your sunglasses or specs.
  • ✔️ These days, face coverings are an essential item!! Carry a cotton bandana as a backup,
  • ✔️ Use a Cotton Bandana as a cover to make your standard face mask look more stylish.
  • ✔️ Use a camo bandana to blend into the shadows during a game of hide-and-seek.
  • ✔️ A cotton bandana is an eco-conscious alternative to disposable tissues, napkins and paper towels.
  • ✔️ Got a mess to clean up? Use a machine washable cotton bandana as a reusable rag.
  • ✔️ Keep tabs on your group’s gear by having everyone mark their stuff with a colorful neon bandana.
  • ✔️ A cotton bandana is a camper’s one-stop tool. Use it to handle a hot pot, collect berries, dry dishes…
  • ✔️ Turn a cotton bandana into a spooky ghost, halter top or bracelet.

Cotton Bandanas for the Whole Family!

Our Cotton Bandanas come in square or triangle in large or extra large. The strong and soft cotton fabric holds up in the wash, and the colors won’t fade, no matter how many trips they make through the washing machine. All across America cotton bandanas are the latest must-have fashion accessory. Men and women, boys and girls, are finding new ways to wear their favorite cotton bandanas.

    • ✔️ Around the brow as a sweat band, or over the head as a scarf as an option.
    • ✔️ When sun or rain threaten your hairdo, cotton bandanas can be fashioned into many different head coverings.
    • ✔️ Wear it as a belt, or tie a bandana around your wrist or ankle as a fashion statement.
    • ✔️ If you forgot your face mask, never fear, our cotton bandanas serve to protect from dust and germs.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, make a set of pillow slips for the sofa or recliner with bright and colorful square bandanas. Add a couple of handles made from contrasting colors, and skip the plastic shopping bags next time you visit the supermarket. Your colorful grocery bags will draw compliments. You will get reviews of five stars when you fill the shopping basket or cart with a bandana for every member of the family. Remember to order something for the dog, as well.

Check out YouTube to learn how to tie the Biker, the Ninja, or the Pirate style. There’s no question there are many uses for a plain color or paisley bandana Speaking of ‘retro’, hang your fresh from the laundry bandanas on a clothesline to dry in the sun. The clean, outdoors smell alone will be a trip down memory lane, back to your childhood, when you picked garden-fresh tomatoes with Grandma, or went fishing with Grandpa.